Use Case: Digital Chat Automated to Optimize Filing Insurance Claims

A WhatsApp interaction with digital customer service employee Jennifer to improve efficiency in filing insurance claims.

Blog/Use Case: Digital Chat Automated to Optimize Filing Insurance Claims

The Challenge

Customer service agents and customers alike spend a lot of time filing insurance claims. This mundane task takes a lot of time that cannot be spent on other work. While additionally bringing down User Experience. However, filing claims correctly is essential. The contact has to be informative and process the correct information while keeping the user satisfied. This is why a customer service insurance chatbot would be optimal to save time.

The Solution: A digital chat

Jennifer is a digital assistant on WhatsApp that integrates with already used systems and software. She can easily file the claim for the user. This is done by asking the insured for the needed information to then process this. Information regarding the cause of the claim and policy number are asked for to file a claim for the user. If Jennifer is unable to assist the customer, she will forward the question to a real customer service representative.

The Results

The insured can easily and quickly file their claims, which are then handled and integrated in the necessary software. Because of this the customer is satisfied with the service as there was no wait time and it was quick to file the claim. Additionally, the customer service employees are happy that they have more time to spend on more intensive tasks.

Optimize filing insurance claims

Jennifer saves employees time and is available 24/7


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Below you can find a demonstration of a WhatsApp interaction between a digital employee and customer filing a claim for eye glasses. The video can also be watched in full screen.

Use Case: Digital webshop chat assistant to request returns

Use Case: Digital webshop chat assistant to request returns

A WhatsApp chat interaction with Jennifer, the webshop chat assistant, to handle interactions about scheduling and organizing a return, resulting in a higher convenience and a decreased workload for customer care agents.

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