Use Case: Digital telecom chat to automate upgrading subscriptions

A WhatsApp Chat interaction with digital employee Jennifer to improve customer service efficiency and user experience when upgrading subscriptions.

Blog/Use Case: Digital telecom chat to automate upgrading subscriptions

The Challenge

Agents occupy a large amount of time helping customers upgrade their subscription. This repetitive and simple task that makes it so that they can spend less time handling their other important and difficult tasks. Having to inform customers of subscription upgrade availabilities and processing these upgrades can be time consuming. Still, the customers needs the right information and the subscription upgrades need to be handled correctly. They need a clear, informative, and quick way to upgrade their subscription.

The Solution: A digital chat

The customer can ask Jennifer to check for an upgrade on their subscription. She, after asking for their information runs a security check by sending them a verification code by SMS. Once the customer has verified their number they are given the options of which upgrades to choose from. The user can then simply choose which one they prefer and Jennifer will process the upgrade.

The Results

Users can upgrade their subscription in a fast, clear, and easy way. Employees save time by not having to look up answers to the simple questions asked while the customer gets their upgrade in an efficient way without having to wait for a response.

Thumbnail digital telecom chat

Jennifer saves employees time and is available 24/7


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Below you can find a demonstration of a WhatsApp interaction between a digital employee and customer upgrading their subscription. The video can also be watched in full screen.

Use Case: Digital webshop chat assistant to request returns

Use Case: Digital webshop chat assistant to request returns

A WhatsApp chat interaction with Jennifer, the webshop chat assistant, to handle interactions about scheduling and organizing a return, resulting in a higher convenience and a decreased workload for customer care agents.

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