Use Case: Report absenteeism via multi-channel chat

A multi-channel chat interaction (Whatsapp, Slack, Teams, Telegram, Messenger) with digital employee Jennifer to make it easier for employees to report absenteeism. This results in more convenience and improves the employee experience, but results also in less administrative work for the manager.

Blog/Use Case: Report absenteeism via multi-channel chat

The Challenge

Every employee on average is sick for at least a few days every year. For managers this results in an often difficult puzzle to complete the staffing. It also results in a lot of administrative work. When employees are sick, they often need to log in to their computer (which is not convenient when you don’t feel well). With more technological possibilities available, and the desire of employees to be in contact with their employer via various channels when needed, more and more companies want to get solid, safe and convenient solutions in place.

The Solution: Report absenteeism via multi-channel chat

The employee contacts Freeday’s digital employee Jennifer to report absenteeism. Jennifer quickly guides the employee through the necessary steps to gather information. She also informs the employee about the next steps in the workflow, where the manager will be informed about the sick report. And all administrative work is done by Jennifer.

The Results

Employees now can call in sick via channels selected by the company. For example Whatsapp, Telegram, Teams or Slack. These channels are very easy to reach by mobile phones. The employee no longer needs to get its laptop and open some personnel system anymore. While the manager solves the personnel puzzle, Jennifer does the administrative work and can set up alerts for the manager as a reminder to take actions regarding the absenteeism of the employee.

Jennifer improves the employee experience and saves precious time for the manager

report absenteeism multichannel


Microsoft Dynamics – Salesforce – Whatsapp – Microsoft Teams – Whatsapp – SAP – Telegram – Slack

Below you can find a demonstration of a WhatsApp interaction between a digital employee and an employee about calling in sick via chat. The video can be watched best in full screen.

Use Case: Digital webshop chat assistant to request returns

Use Case: Digital webshop chat assistant to request returns

A WhatsApp chat interaction with Jennifer, the webshop chat assistant, to handle interactions about scheduling and organizing a return, resulting in a higher convenience and a decreased workload for customer care agents.

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