Improve your ID & Doc Screening

John is trained on millions of identification documents during AML & KYC processes. At multiple financial institutions, John can perform the initial intake and logs everything in the backend systems.

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John: Knows your customers
  • Unb*re KYC jobs
  • Frictionless ID verification
  • Customer focused
  • Fast document verification
  • Fully compliant
  • Unb*re KYC jobs
  • Frictionless ID verification
  • Customer focused
  • Fast document verification
  • Fully compliant
Via Freeday you can select specific tasks within your AML/KYC operations that you want to hand over to John. He analyzes and processes all relevant identification documents like passports, payslips, bank cards, and other documents. Freeday is fully compliant and auditable. And can follow up by administrate and document data or interact on e.g. the screening process with your customer.
Extract information from (official) documents

John helps you by

  • Extracting info from (official) documents
  • Performing onboarding document verification
  • Handles boring tasks within your KYC operations

Build a great place to work that lasts!

Of course, you know best. Labor scarcity within KYC is intense. The best way to attract new talent is to build a great place to work in a sustainable way. With help of John your talented team no longer performs the boring and uninspiring work. Identification, extraction, specific repetitive non-value adding interactions with clients. All super compliant, accurate and secure. Of course! ;)

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Annulate boring work

95% of all incoming documents

are handled successfully via Freeday

€ 4,00 direct savings per verification

via Freeday help our clients to reduce operational costs on specific repetitive tasks.

Scalable on demand

Freeday automatically scales the number of tasks handled when needed.

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We know how important it is for you to have partners that deliver a secure, compliant and safe service. We are proud of how we organized it!

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