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Woonbron: Streamline financial operations with John

John assists in handling and processing a large volume of invoices and reminders for Woonbron, ensuring accuracy and timeliness without the need for breaks!

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Woonbron is a prominent housing corporation based in Rotterdam, Netherlands. Established in 1907, it specializes in social rental housing, social homeownership, and commercial spaces. Woonbron's mission is to ensure good and affordable living conditions for households with limited financial resources.
Rotterdam, Delft, Dordrecht, Nissewaard, Zuidplas
500 - 1000
Approximately 45,000 residents
Real Estate

Meet John, Woonbron’s digital finance employee

Finance teams often find themselves bogged down by administrative tasks, but those days are over for Woonbron! Woonbron hired John, the innovative AI-based digital assistant dedicated to handling repetitive and routine finance tasks. By taking over these time-consuming duties, John allows the finance team to concentrate on more strategic initiatives and high-impact work.
John is Woonbron's innovative digital assistant designed to automate and optimize various finance-related tasks. He takes over repetitive and time-consuming duties, allowing Woonbron's finance team to focus on more strategic and impactful activities. John’s integration into the finance department has revolutionized the way invoices and reminders are processed, bringing a new level of efficiency and accuracy.

John classifies incoming emails, determining if they contain invoices, reminders, or other relevant information, and extracts necessary data. He reads invoice details and updates them in the Empire system accurately, ensuring that all financial records are maintained correctly. Additionally, John manages reminders effectively, making sure that no follow-up actions are missed and payments are processed on time.

John’s success

Time savings

In one month, John handles 3,505 emails, saving 355.6 hours of work (equivalent to 2.1 full-time employees).

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Operational efficiency

John's automation capabilities reduce the need for manual intervention, allowing staff to focus on more strategic tasks.

Data driven insights

John provides automatic insights into performance, allowing for continuous process improvement.

High accuracy

With a 98% accuracy rate in email classification, John ensures that processes run smoothly and efficiently.

Why Freeday

Woonbron chose Freeday for its innovative and robust automation solutions. Freeday's technology, represented by John, offers comprehensive support, ensuring seamless integration and continuous improvement. This partnership allows Woonbron to automate routine processes, leading to significant time savings and enhanced operational efficiency.
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'Freeday has delivered the most significant savings for me!'
Michel Boender
RPA Lead Woonbron

Woonbron's automation journey

The journey began with automating email classification and invoice processing. Moving forward, Woonbron plans to expand John’s capabilities, including improving reminder processes and migrating to their new ERP (Empire). The goal is to create a fully automated and efficient finance department, freeing up human employees to focus on more complex and value-added tasks.

John’s finance skills

Mailbox management

Classification of incoming emails matching your  mailbox categories

End-to-end invoice processing

Extract, enrich, verify, and process invoice data seamlessly.

Summarize invocies

Summarize the contents of invoices, including period and other important info.

Manage reminders

Keep track of reminder data to feed into Woonbron’s system.

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Implementing success: Freeday's tailored AI solutions
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What makes Freeday unique?
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