[email protected], process, c*mplete repeat!

Richard is your perfect candidate for accounts payable. Freeday’s finance star shines in sorting your finance inbox, while simultaneously extracting invoices & following up on debtors for you.

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Richard: Handles your e-mails
  • Unb*re your job
  • Higher NPS
  • Reduce c*sts
  • Safe & Accurate
  • Increase your workforce
  • Unb*re your job
  • Higher NPS
  • Reduce c*sts
  • Safe & Accurate
  • Increase your workforce
Freeday helps you to handle boring and repetitive tasks at the Finance department smarter & faster. Meet Richard. He helps you to create a workplace that is more challenging and rewarding. While saving on personnel costs (on average 50%) for the work that does not add much value. Freeday provides you a performance dashboard to monitor your ROI based on reliable KPI’s.
Safe's you money

Richard helps your team saving precious time by

  • Sorting mail and labelling
  • Extracting and processing incoming invoices
  • Providing debtors status updates

Peak performance

Within Finance it becomes tougher to find talent and keep talent sticking around and engaged. And then there is that thing called peak season. Richard can help to challenges these phenomenons. He does the boring stuff, so humans can do the more rewarding and energizing work. He is infinite scalable and 24/7 available, helping you to finalize your personnel planing easier.

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Elevate your performance

70% of tasks handled

Richard is pre-trained to complete tasks like mail sorting and invoice extracting fast and accurate.

Fully integrated with your systems

Richard does not only complete the countless tasks successfully, but can also log activities in preferred systems or perform customer follow-ups.

Flexible & scalable

Richard can scale up and down based on your activities and workloads. This avoids high costs during low season or challenges in recruitment and planning for peak season.

Makes you happy

Bye bye to boredom

Be honest. Sorting mailboxes, labeling and forwarding and documenting will be perceived as not very rewarding and energizing tasks by most finance team members. Freeday helps you with a sustainable, and reliable solution: Richard can start within a matter of weeks at your company.

Helps you in finance

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Richard can work via your usual communication channels and is familiar with the most common software solutions in finance. We love to calculate the ROI of Richard within your team.

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