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Free your team from routine tasks and unlock their true potential. Are you ready to improve your processes?
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Reduce operational expenses
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Elevate customer satisfaction
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Boost team happiness
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Sync seamlessly with IT
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A Freeday for everybody!

Redefine the integration of artificial intelligence in the workplace. Our Digital Employees are not just tools - they are teammates, designed to function with the complexity of a human colleague. They work alongside your team, adapting seamlessly to your processes and only adding value.

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Discover the benefits of
digital employees

Data-driven decisions

Utilize customer interactions as valuable insights. Gain a clear view of performance and derive actionable knowledge.
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Seamless IT integrations

Seamlessly connect with existing infrastructure without extra layers.

Services automation

Instantly handle up to 70% of all interactions across mail, chat and voice.


Cut costs by at least 50%, freeing resources for more important work.
10 %
Hand over to agents
Total conversations

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digital employee

Customer Service

Answer Questions
Appointment Management
Improve both your employee and customer experiences in interactions, as well in the follow-up tasks, both proactive and reactive.

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ID document processing
Mailbox management
Support your AML/KYC teams by automate client interactions, mail sorting, regulatory checks, data extraction and documentation.

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Accounts payable

Invoice processing
Pay slip extraction
Automate your Finance inbox management, invoice extraction, documentation and follow-up.

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Experience the quality and convenience of your own digital employee!

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“We need to keep working with Freeday because people hate working on those ID documents”
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Country Manager
International Client in Financial Industry
“Freeday has so far delivered the most significant savings for me”
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Tech Director
Client in Building & Constuction Industry
“We connected Freeday within the record time of a few weeks to optimize the purchase-to-pay process”
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C-level leader
Large enterprise in Leisure Industry
Global strategic partners
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