CX Galore.

Jennifer is trained to provide first line multi channel & multi language customer interaction fast and accurate for - on average - over 50% of all incoming chats, emails and phone calls.

Let’s team up in CX improvement :]
Jennifer: Achieves advantageous services
  • Unb*re customer service jobs
  • Improve NPS
  • Reduce c*sts
  • Quit queues
  • Flex & Scale Galore
  • Unb*re customer service jobs
  • Improve NPS
  • Reduce c*sts
  • Quit queues
  • Flex & Scale Galore
Imagine your Customer Service department... No call and chat queues, a distinctive NPS, and an engaged customer-facing team. Meet Jennifer! And become amazed about how our pre-trained and fully integrable CX assistant can support your team in seamlessly handling boring repetitive interactions. On average she completes thousands of first-line contacts for our clients.
Achieve advantageous services

Jennifer adds most value when she’s

  • Handling your FAQ’s
  • (re)Scheduling appointments
  • Ready to start within a week because she is pre-trained

Sustainable solution for labor scarcity

Within a scarce labor market it becomes tougher to find talent and keep the gems onboard and engaged. Challenging jobs with great conditions tend to stick. But more often tasks are boring, and fail to provide the energy to excel. We can onboard Jennifer in 3-6 weeks. She typically takes over answering the same type of questions over and over again. Or schedule that meeting or provide a status update. She loves it!

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Sustainable solutions

Save up to 50% on your labor costs

Jennifer requires no recruitment, holidays or lunch breaks.

No Upfront Costs anymore for your business

Hiring Jennifer is like hiring staff via an employment agency. And it requires no upfront investment.

Flexible & scalable for all kind of businesses

Jennifer works at least 5 times faster than a human employee. And can pick up infinity number of tasks.

Picking up bulk interactions

Cherry picking

Jennifer picks up the bulk interactions on repetitive stuff and adds value here via accuracy, speed and availability. Meanwhile, your ACE customer service team has the time to pick up the ‘cherries’, to accomplish that 9+ experience that make the difference.

Selecting desired tasks

Compose the digital employee of your dreams

Select desired tasks, integrations, channels and experience what Jennifer can do for you. And how she helps to improve your team in becoming more efficient, engaged and client centric.

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