Customer Service

AI-powered digital employee to scale your customer service

Boost efficiency of your Customer Service and elevate your customer journey with AI-powered, customer-facing digital employees or start with agent assist.



>50 %

Cost reduction

100 %

Happy clients

AI-driven agent assist

Empower your team with support from our digital employees, enabling them to provide faster and more accurate support.

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Real-time AI recommendations
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Increase first time right
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Faster ticket handling
AI-driven agent assist
Elevate your customer journey

Elevate your customer journey

Automate client interactions and reduce average handling times. Deliver 24/7 consistent and personalized customer support across all platforms.

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Omni channel & multilingual
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No more waiting times!
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Enhanced customer satisfaction

From Q&A’s to action fulfillment

It's not just about answering questions — your new digital employee can solves complex issues and perform tasks! Freeing your team for higher-value work.

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Directly connected to your systems
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Instantly handle all interactions
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End-to-end automation
From Q&A’s to action fulfillment
dashboard kpi's are shown like percentage of successful, out of scope or escalated conversations.

Continuous data driven improvements

Utilize user feedback and analytics to to enhance system capabilities. Evaluate your success with clear, actionable metrics.

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Performance dashboarding
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Conversation history & insights
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Leverage customer feedback

Customer Service skills

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Automate Q&A with instant and accurate answering.

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Appointment management

Help your customers to manage appointments.

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Provide status updates

Keep customers informed with real-time updates.

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Book additional services

Book services or add-ons directly through chat.

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Mailbox management

Recognize, label, and process all recurring mails.

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Process management

Seamless hand-over and escalation flows.

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