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ATAG's Kim:
reducing pressure
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Kim, digital employee at ATAG, is ready to assist clients anytime, day or night. Doing so, she saves valuable time for customer and service agents.

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24/7 availability
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Advanced trouble shooting
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Fully intregrated with ATAG knowledge base

6,000 +

Tickets monthly

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Customer satisfaction

ATAG is a leading brand in premium kitchen appliances, offering innovative and high-quality products such as induction cooktops, ovens, dishwashers, and refrigerators. Known for their efficiency, durability, and stylish designs, ATAG appliances enhance both the functionality and aesthetics of kitchens.
The Netherlands, Belgium
450 - 500
Consumer reach
2 millions households
Retail, household appliances

Meet Kim, ATAG's Digital Customer Support Agent

In times when customer service teams are often understaffed, Kim offers a welcome solution. Kim, ATAG's digital customer support agent, is designed to assist clients with a wide range of questions and issues related to their household appliances. She ensures that users can quickly and accurately find answers, even outside of regular business hours when customers are busy cooking and doing household chores.
Meet Kim, the reliable support agent that ensures owners of household appliances get quick and accurate responses. Kim provides support by answering common queries using ATAG's Knowledge Base, which includes FAQs, manuals, and product details. Utilizing a method called conversational narrowing, Kim can deliver precise answers by focusing on specific appliance models.

Conversational narrowing is an AI technique used to refine and pinpoint a user's specific needs through targeted questions. By progressively focusing on the issue, it leads to precise and relevant responses. Kim asks customers about the type and model number of their device to find the correct information. This method helps in  identifying the exact problem, ensuring the provided support is accurate and tailored to the customer's specific situation.

People turn to Kim for assistance with their household appliances, whether they're experiencing malfunctions or have other related questions. Sample questions Kim can answer include, "Why is there ice forming at the back of my fridge?" and "How can I arrange for a technician to visit?" Best of all, Kim is available 24/7 through a user-friendly self-service approach, ensuring help is always at hand when needed.

Kim’s success

User-friendly self-service

Kim's 24/7 availability allows customers to independently resolve their issues, enhancing satisfaction and reducing the need for direct support.

Expert knowlegde

Kim has extensive knowledge of all product manuals and knowledge base articles. She effortlessly combines insights to provide precise and reliable advice for ATAG’s clients.

Reduction in service tickets

Kim's efficient handling of common queries has led to a noticeable reduction in the number of service tickets that need human intervention.

Adaptable across brands

Kim’s technology can be easily adapted and implemented across other brands within the ATAG group.

Try it out at ATAG support

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Why Freeday

ATAG partners with Freeday to deliver exceptional customer service through advanced technological solutions. Freeday's digital assistant, Kim, not only handles a large volume of inquiries efficiently but also enhances the accuracy and depth of responses by leveraging comprehensive knowledge bases and product manuals. Unlike standard solutions, Kim’s ability to perform conversational narrowing allows for precise troubleshooting specific to each appliance model. This ensures customers receive relevant and detailed support, reducing the need for follow-up queries.

Freeday's approach also enables ATAG to scale its customer service capabilities seamlessly across other brands within the group. This adaptability ensures consistent, high-quality support throughout the organization. Furthermore, Freeday provides ongoing innovation and support, ensuring Kim evolves with emerging technologies and customer needs. This strategic partnership allows ATAG to focus on innovation and long-term growth, ultimately boosting customer satisfaction and loyalty.
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'We strive to automatically handle 90% of incoming issues, allowing us to focus on putting the customer first. Kim is crucial in achieving this goal'
Martijn Landman
Manager Consumenten Contact ATAG Benelux

ATAG's automation journey

ATAG's automation journey with Freeday began with the implementation of customer service for ATAG itself, where Kim was introduced to handle a wide range of customer inquiries efficiently. The next step involved expanding this advanced customer service solution to their other brands, including Hisense, ASKO, Pelgrim, and Etna, respectively represented by digital employees Hannah, Oscar, Pelle, and Sjef.
The goal is to progressively move towards a fully self-service model. This means going from initial troubleshooting and FAQs towards arranging technician visits and managing warranty claims. Kim and the other digital employees’ abilities will expand to cover every aspect of customer support, ensuring a seamless and efficient service experience for all customers, regardless of the brand they interact with.

This comprehensive approach to automation allows ATAG to enhance customer satisfaction, reduce the workload on their support teams, and maintain a consistent level of high-quality service across all their brands. By embracing automation at every stage, ATAG aims to boost efficiency and elevate the customer experience, ensuring users receive top-tier support from start to finish.

Kim’s customer service skills

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Answer questions

Automate Q&A with human-like precision using your unstructured data.

Share images & product manuals

Add visual and source-based evidence to enhance understanding

Show sources

Help clients to find the right replacement part for their household appliance.

Create repair requests

Help clients to schedule a technician visit if necessary.

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