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CitizenM: enhancing finance operations with Robbie

Robbie handles and sorts all finance emails, he processes invoice data and prepares it for payment. And the best of all: Robbie works around the clock without breaks!

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Efficient mail management
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Accurate invoice processing
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Seamless integration

+ 80 %

Processing speed

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Error reduction

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Operational efficiency

CitizenM is a modern hotel chain known for providing affordable luxury accommodations in central city locations around the world. Their innovative approach combines stylish design, high-tech amenities, and a vibrant atmosphere to cater to the needs of contemporary travelers
CitizenM hotels worldwide; 40 hotels and 8.545 rooms
900 +
8.545 rooms worldwide

Meet Robbie, CitizenM's digital finance employee

Finance teams are often overwhelmed with administrative tasks, but not any longer! CitizenM hired Robbie, the brand new, AI-based, finance employee for repetitive and routine tasks. Freeing up the rest of the team to focus on more strategic initiatives and impactful work.
Meet Robbie, the emerging powerhouse within CitizenM’s finance team - a digital employee of the future! Robbie is known for enjoying strong and straightforward coffee, mirroring his work ethics. He makes the work more efficient and enjoyable.  His main goals are to increase the number of invoices automatically pushed to the matching stage in the system of CitizenM and to reduce clutter in both their mailbox and system.

Robbie lightens the Accounts Payable team’s workload by efficiently classifying emails and processing both invoices and reminders. He specializes in standardizing and optimizing processes within Accounts Payable, ensuring swift and precise execution of routine tasks. Working with Robbie significantly increases the speed of handling finance emails and processing invoices, while also reducing the number of manual errors.

Additionally, Robbie enhances compliance, resulting in substantial time savings on routine tasks.With Robbie on board, the CitizenM team can now focus more on relevant and strategic initiatives, moving away from traditional accounting processes towards a more streamlined and efficient approach.

Robbie’s success

Consistent processing

Robbie ensures consistent processing and classification of finance emails and invoices, maintaining high standards. Moreover, the invoice queue is alway empty!

Scalable invoice handling

Robbie scales effortlessly to handle increasing email and invoice volumes without compromising quality.

Data driven insights

Robbie provides automatic insights into performance, allowing for continuous process improvement.


Implementing Robbie reduces operational costs by minimizing the need for extensive manual intervention and reducing manual errors.

Why Freeday

CitizenM chose Freeday for their expertise in AI and automation, making them the ideal partner to enhance operational efficiency. Freeday's cutting-edge technology, exemplified by Robbie, seamlessly aligns with CitizenM's commitment to efficiency and modernity. Their comprehensive support and customization options ensured a smooth integration with existing systems. Through this partnership, CitizenM can automate and streamline their operations, ultimatcely improving guest experiences and increasing overall productivity, keeping them at the forefront of hospitality technology in an ever-evolving industry landscape.
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‘If Robbie stops working out of the blue, our finance teams will surely get stuck too!’
Bart Vliegenthart
Global Manager Accounting Citizen M

CitizenM's automation journey

CitizenM began its automation journey with Freeday by implementing their first digital finance assistant, Robbie, specifically for Accounts Payable (AP). Initially, Robbie handled simple folder sorting tasks, but over time, his skills expanded to include more comprehensive invoice processing capabilities. This progression allowed Robbie to take on an increasing amount of work, significantly improving performance and efficiency within the finance department.
Robbie gets a new colleague! Building on Robbie’s success, CitizenM is now optimizing further by extending automation solutions to customer service. The new digital employee, Cody will handle emails from customers, managing approximately 8,500 cases per month. Using a knowledge base, Cody provides automatic, personalized responses, ensuring that customer queries are addressed promptly and accurately.

The ultimate goal of these initiatives is to digitalize and automate operations, aligning perfectly with CitizenM’s mission to be a leading transformational hotel. By leveraging Freeday's expertise, CitizenM continues to innovate and streamline their processes, maintaining their competitive edge in the hospitality industry while enhancing both employee efficiency and guest satisfaction.

Robbie’s finance skills

Mailbox management

Classification of incoming emails matching your  mailbox categories

End-to-end invoice processing

Extract, enrich, verify, and process invoice data seamlessly.

Compliance checks

Verify compliance to ensure invoices meet company policies and regulations.

Manage reminders & auto reply

Create a reminder overview and automate responses to suppliers.

Boost productivity with AI powered digital employees. Get started today.

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Implementing success: Freeday's tailored AI solutions
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