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Pathé: revolutionizing finance with Ranny

Embody the innovative spirit of Pathé by harnessing the latest advancements in AI solutions to streamline the Accounts Payable process, ensuring the show goes on without a hitch.

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Accurate invoice processing
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Seamless integration


Invoices yearly

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In keeping up with the past and the future, Pathé cinemas brings the magic of movies to life with state-of-the-art technology and a commitment to delivering a seamless, unforgettable cinematic experiences for all movie-goers.
127 cinemas worldwide
2,500 + people globally
57 + million cinama visits per year
1.4 million Pathe THUIS members

Meet Ranny, Pathé’s digital finance employee

Pathé is saying goodbye to boring administrative tasks and looking ahead to the future! Introducing Ranny, Pathé’s new cutting-edge AI-based finance employee, designed to manage repetitive and routine tasks. This allows the team to concentrate on strategic initiatives and more meaningful projects, driving greater impact and success.
Say hello to Ranny, the digital employee revolutionizing Pathé and Pathe Thuis’ finance department! Ranny thrives on efficiency and precision, creating an easy envirocnment for Pathé’s Finance team to focus on what’s important to them.

Pathé Cinemas is shifting from traditional accounting processes to a streamlined and modern approach. Working smarter is clearly a part of Pathé Cinemas' DNA and with Ranny at their side, finance operations are as smooth and engaging as Pathé’s top-grossing films.

With Ranny's help, the days of manual invoice processing invoices are a thing of the past. His mission to maximize the number of invoices seamlessly processed to the approval stage in Onventis and to keep both the e-mail inbox and Onventis free from clutter. Pathé is moving towards a future of automated, streamlined finance operations with Ranny leading the way.

Ranny’s success

Consistent processing

Ranny ensures consistent processing and classification of finance emails and invoices, maintaining high standards

Scalable invoice handling

Ranny scales effortlessly to handle increasing email and invoice volumes without compromising quality.

Data driven insights

Ranny provides automatic insights into performance, allowing for continuous process improvement.


Implementing Ranny reduces operational costs by minimizing the need for extensive manual intervention and reducing manual errors.

Why Freeday

Pathé teamed up with Freeday to deploy groundbreaking digital solutions that aligns perfectly with Pathé's drive for innovation and operational excellence. Freeday's technology, embodied by Ranny, empowers Pathé to automate and optimize their financial processes, enhancing operational efficiency and boosting overall productivity. This way they empower their employees, much like the way they are  committed for their customers to enjoy a seamless and easy movie watching experience.
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'I sometimes have to search thoroughly for the Cost Centre, scanning through all the pages multiple times without success. Yet, Ranny always manages to get it right'
- Ranny's Colleague
Financial department Pathe

Pathe's automation journey

Pathé began its automation journey with Freeday by introducing their first digital finance assistant, Ranny, to support the Accounts Payable (AP) department. Initially, Ranny was responsible for classifying emails and processing invoices and reminders. Over time, Ranny's capabilities expanded to handle a substantial volume of financial transactions, significantly improving the efficiency and accuracy of the AP team.
Ranny's implementation led to remarkable results, including a 94% reduction in manual email processing, with approximately 6,100 emails and 3,200 invoices processed monthly. This automation not only reduced errors and improved compliance but also allowed the finance team to focus on more strategic tasks, ultimately enhancing productivity and operational efficiency.

Following Ranny's success, Pathé is now exploring further automation opportunities across other departments. The goal is to continue digitalizing and optimizing operations, perfectly aligning with Pathé's mission to innovate and streamline their processes. Leveraging Freeday's expertise, Pathé remains at the forefront of the competitive cinema industry, enhancing both employee efficiency and guest satisfaction.

This automation journey underscores Pathé's commitment to adopting advanced technologies to drive business growth and maintain their leadership in the entertainment sector.

Ranny’s finance skills

Mailbox management

Classification of incoming emails matching your  mailbox categories

End-to-end invoice processing

Extract, enrich, verify, and process invoice data seamlessly.

Compliance checks

Verify compliance to ensure invoices meet company policies and regulations.

Manage reminders

Create a reminder overview to track incoming reminders for every invoice.

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Implementing success: Freeday's tailored AI solutions
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What makes Freeday unique?
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