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TUI’s Theo: answering travel questions, anytime, anywhere

Theo assists agents in handling a significant percentage of incoming questions, enabling them to deliver faster and more precise answers to clients.

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Always available, no coffee breaks!
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Knows the answer to all hard questions
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Fully integrated with TUI knowledge base


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TUI Group is a leading global tourism company that offers a large range of travel services. Headquartered in Germany, TUI operates across a variety of segments including travel agencies, airlines, hotels, resorts, and cruises, providing integrated travel experiences.
The Netherlands, Belgium, Gemany, Antillen
19+ million

Meet Theo, TUI's Knowledge Expert

Travel agents face numerous tough questions from clients daily, but with Theo, they are never alone. Theo is TUI's knowledgeable expert, fully integrated with extensive know-how knowledge bases and comprehensive hotel information.
Meet Theo, the reliable assistant that ensures agents provide quick and accurate responses to clients. With Theo's assistance, agents can efficiently manage a higher volume of queries, improving overall customer satisfaction. Whether it's about specific hotel details like parking availability or niche product cancellation policies, Theo navigates through vast amounts of information in seconds, delivering clear and precise answers every time.

Theo’s success

Time savings

By efficiently handling queries, Theo saves the customer service team significant hours each week, allowing them to focus on more complex tasks.

Customer satisfaction

Theo delivers prompt responses and thus reducing wait times. This leads to a more positive experience and higher customer loyalty.

Data driven improvements

A dashboard allows to review and learn from past conversations, enhancing both performance and customer experience.

Expert support

Theo empowers agents with accurate information boosting employee satisfaction.

Why Freeday

TUI partners with Freeday to leverage cutting-edge innovation and alleviate employee workload. Freeday excels at navigating the complexity of an enterprise environment, engaging with multiple stakeholders, and considering the entire customer journey. With a focus on delivering results, Freeday ensures TUI stays ahead of the curve, providing expert guidance for optimizing digital employee solutions. This commitment to long-term success empowers TUI to make informed decisions, enhancing both efficiency and customer satisfaction.
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‘Great partner, even better collaboration! Not only value for business, but it significantly improves our Customer Experience.’
Sebastiaan de Vries
Member of TUI BeNe Board
Head of Customer Services BeNe & Dutch Caribbean

TUI's automation journey

TUI's automation journey with Freeday's began with Agent Assist, providing agents with the support they need by quickly finding answers in the knowledge base. But this is just the beginning. TUI plans to expand automation across all phases of the customer journey.
TUI's automation journey with Freeday covers the entire travel process of TUI’s clients. Together we are building a team of digital travel agents employees enhancing each phase to provide a seamless experience for both agents and customers.

At the initial stage of the customer journey, when customers are envisioning their next vacation, a digital travel agent will be available to inspire and assist travelers in finding their ideal holiday. Later, as they progress to the booking phase, the process will become fully automated, enabling seamless booking, modifications, and upselling opportunities.

Additionally, other TUI departments are now also interested in leveraging Freeday. For example, TUI is pioneering with Pilot Assist, a digital technical assistant designed to efficiently support the ground crew by addressing technical queries. Also, TUI Retail is keen to adopt Freeday's innovative solutions to enhance their operations and improve customer service.

Looking ahead, we envision automation encompassing the entire travel experience. This includes acting as a travel companion, offering real-time assistance and addressing inquiries throughout the journey. By embracing automation across all stages, TUI aims to enhance efficiency and elevate the customer experience, ensuring that travelers receive top-tier service from start to finish.

Theo’s customer service skills

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Answer questions

Automate Q&A with human-like precision using your unstructured data.

Give advise

Offer personalized recommendations and insights.

Follow up questions

Engage with relevant follow-up questions to better understand needs.

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