Be clever & stay in touch with your team

Jessy uses Whatsapp to engage with your employees to understand their happiness and notify the HR team of unhappy employees that could potentially quit.

... an ingenious investment of your time :]
Jessy: Elevates your employee experience
  • Curve [email protected]
  • !mprove Employee Experience
  • Reduce HR c*sts
  • Decrease @bsenteeism
  • Cutback Attr!tion
  • Curve [email protected]
  • !mprove Employee Experience
  • Reduce HR c*sts
  • Decrease @bsenteeism
  • Cutback Attr!tion
Freeday is Europes leading staffing agency for digital employees. Jessy, our digital HR & Recruitment employee, handles your countless and time consuming repetitive check-ins, follow-up mails and administration. Jessy is pre-trained and fully integrable. You will work more efficiently and both your staff and candidates will experience a higher satisfaction. Jessy adds longer tenure, enables teams to hire a candidate in one day, assists in sourcing candidates and can take over many tasks within the onboarding process
Engage your team

Jessy is ready to engage your team by

  • Checking engagement of your team members
  • Sharing potential drop-outs to HR
  • Visualizing valuable EX data via our dashboard

Scale up gradually

Jessy likes to start fast and small. For instance one or two interactions within your recruitment process. This gives your organization the time to see that she performs as expected. After that, she can scale up to for example perform employee happiness checks via Whatsapp, Teams, or e-mail and help to scan and extract information of (legal) documents and save it within your systems. We love to tell and show you more.

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Increase organization performance

Up to 50% Cheaper than a human employee

Jessy fancies no holidays or lunch breaks. No need for recruitment either. You configure, we provide.

Fully integrated with your systems

Hiring a digital employee at Freeday is alike hiring staff via employment agencies. And it requires no upfront investment.

Flexible & scalable for all kind of businesses

Digital finance employees work 5 times faster and 24/7. They can also scale infinity.

Customer service that helps you grow

Why you should invest in engagement?

Engaged teams members are more motivated, committed, satisfied and have a positive attitude. This results in a positive work environment and improved morale, more new ideas and a high-quality customer service that help your organization to grow.

Improve business communication

Calculate Jessy’s ROI

Jessy can work via your usual communication channels and is familiar with the most common software solutions in finance. We love to calculate the ROI of Jessy within your team.

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